FULL MOON January 6, 2023

It is time to turn the tables
and to play our part
to protect and preserve
the mother of us all:
the planet earth!

To see how to serve the earth,
community connection.
Connection with the community earth.
We acknowledge kinship
with all our relatives.

Flame for Frith calls heathens and pagans, and people from many other faiths, philosophies of life or secular, to join forces for frithweaving for Mother Earth during the full moon January 6, 2023.

A ritual will be performed in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. CET and we hope that many will connect with us in thought. Frithweaving cords have already been sent to people in the Netherlands and many made their way to Norway, Belgium, England, Scotland, Sweden, Germany and Turtle Island (USA).

At home, with a group or alone, in the woods, along the water: where or with whom, each in their own way, connected by our frithweaving cord we envision to gather in our frith garth between the worlds.

Saturday January 7, 2023 an international online Frithweaving ritual will be performed at 19.30 – 20.30 GMT / 20.30 – 21.30 CET.

The importance of trees for the earth and all life is well known. We kindly ask you to bring our connection with our earth community into practice by planting trees. Those who have the opportunity could plant a tree themselves or donate money to an organisation that is dedicated to doing so.

An example of a Flame of Frith frithweaving ritual


Hallow and hold all frith keepers in Midgard and the Other Worlds!
All guthan1 and spirits wishing us well: ward against woe and ill will!
Defend from deception and delusion! Prevent and protect from treason and foe!

All: Hail to the Flame of Frith, hail to the frith garth!

Hail ye dwarves of the four directions, bearers of Ymir’s skull.
North! East! South! West! Hallow and hold in us and around us.
Watchers of the world, guard our gathering!

All: Hail to the bearers of Ymir’s skull!


Hail spirits of our lands. Hail wights of forest and field.
Hail spirits of meadow and marsh. Hail wights cliff and coast.
Hail spirits of sea and stream. Hail wights of wasteland and well.
Hail to the earth, hail to the community earth!
Hail trees, hail plants, hail animals!

All: Hail to the spirits of our lands!

Ancestors touch us and teach us! Help us to listen to the lands.
Help us to hear the waters of the world, to feel Mother Earth in our hearts.

All: Hail to all who have gone before us: ancestors, kith and kin of old!

Hail children and grandchildren! Hail to the next nine generations!

All: Hail to the next nine generations!

To honour the earth

Generous earth, giving earth, fruitful earth, fertile earth,
serving earth, supporting earth, restoring earth, refreshing earth.

Giving earth, grieving earth, breathing land, beaten land,
Blossoming earth, bleeding earth, dazzling land, dying land.

All: Hail to the earth, hail to the land!


All ways of life that honour and value planet and people over profit.
An unconditional basic income for all people on this earth.
Flowery meadows, verdant forests, flourishing wetlands, fresh and fertile waters.
Planting and replanting lots of trees and a swift switch to sustainable energy.
Conscious consuming: reduce, reuse, recycle.
Human rights, democracy and the rule of law
and the right for each individual to decide for themself.
Free natural and traditional cures.
Free and safe drinking water as a right for all living beings.

May these wishes touch people’s hearts!
May these wishes take root in fertile soil!
May these wishes blow with the wind!
May these wishes whirl the waters!
May these wishes fuel our inner fire!


May our thoughts and deeds
be a loving contribution
for all living beings.

May our thoughts and deeds
be a loving contribution
to generations yet to come.

Hail! All: Hail!

Please, check the schedule for other Flame of Frih rituals.

1 Proto-Germanic *guthan ‘god’, originally a neuter noun.