© Frigga Asraaf 2021

Hail Audhumbla
Hail Hofvarpnir
Hail Ratatoskr
Hail Hildisvín
Hail Geri and Freki
Hail Bygul and Trigul

Hail spirit of rats and mice
Hail spirit of hamsters and ferrets
Hail spirit of cats and dogs
Hail spirit of monkeys and rabbits

Hail spirits of all animals suffering and dying in
laboratories all over the world for the health
and beauty of humankind.

Guthan, spirits and frith keepers
ward their souls, carry their burdens.
Take all pain and suffering from them.
Help them to die swift and guide them to safe
shores were the may rest in peace and heal.

Water colour painting: Luna Verde

Make more and more humans aware
of this unnecessary cruelty!
Make more and more researchers aware
of this needless inhumanity!

Make conscience speak so people no longer
can come to terms with themselves
for the unnecessary use of laboratory animals.

Make sure people can no longer close their eyes
to the look of pain and despair from animals
kept in factory farming and the battery system, in
zoos, or in any way captive by human beings.

Make us choose methods and testing for cures
and vaccines without animals!

We call upon Forseti, Fair one, Lord of law and justice!
We call upon Tyr, One-handed God,
Friend of the wolf, Lord of balance and order!

Bring justice for laboratory animals!
Legal rights for all animals!