© Flame of Frith

1 Holy hammer, hallow and hold our halls!
Hold and hallow in us and around us:
where ever we wander in the nine worlds!

2 Hallow and hold the Flame of Frith
in Midgard and the Other Worlds!

3 Hallow and hold all frith keepers
in Midgard and the Other Worlds!

4 Hallow and hold the healers
in Midgard and the Other Worlds!

5 All gods and spirits wishing us well:
Ward against woe and ill will!
Defend from deception and delusion!
Prevent and protect from treason and foe!
Protect us from disease and heal us!

1 All frith keepers, the frith garth
and the Flame of Frith are safe and secure!

All: Hail to the Flame of Frith, hail to the frith garth!

Honour the earth

2 Generous earth, giving earth,
fruitful earth, fertile earth,
serving earth, supporting earth,
restoring earth, refreshing earth.

3 Giving earth, grieving earth,
Breathing land, beaten land,
Blossoming earth, bleeding earth,
Dazzling land, dying land.

4 Beloved earth, land that I love!
Hail to the earth, hail to the land!

All: Hail to the earth, hail to the land!

Invocation of the gods, goddesses and spirits:

5 We welcome all wights,
beings, spirits and gods
inclined to honour frith!
Land-wights, water-wights!
Elves, dwarves and giant!
Foremothers, forefathers!

All: Hail to all spirits wishing us well!

1 Hail Frau Holle, Hail Seaxnot
2 Frey and Freya
3 Wodan and Frigga
4 Loki and Sigyn
5 Tyr and Ziza
1 Hail Sunna, Hail Mani
2 Nehalennia and Baduhenna
3 Donar and Sif
4 Njord and Nerthus
5 Balder and Nanna
1 Ran and Aegir
2 Hail Jord, Hail Gefjon

All: Hail to all guthan wishing us well!
(Proto-Germanic *guthan ‘god’, originally a neuter noun in Germanic)

Prayer for healing

3 We hail ancestors!
4 Work with us to heal the sick,
5 Work with us to find better vaccines and cures,
1 Give us the strength to look after each other.

All: Hail to our ancient kith and kin!

2 Weißkäppichi Fraa, wise healer,
bearer of megin,
and teacher of healing arts.
Hail to the Weißkäppichi Fraa!

All: Hail to the white-haired wise!

3 Lobbonus, hail great healer!
Patron of magic medicine.

All: Hail Lobbonus

4 Hail to Eir, greatest of healers!
From Lyfjaberg you guide the doctor,
The nurse and the surgeon.
No affliction is too great,
No ailment too insignificant,
Be it of the body, or of the mind,
For your tender love and care.

All: Hail Eir!

All: Hail to all healers and health care workers
in this world and the Other Worlds!
Payer for the death

5 Hail Frau Holle, hail Nehalennia
Guide travellers between the worlds
on their way to the realms of the death.
For they are tired, they are weary,
Their feet are sore.

1 They have travelled
for many miles and many days,
On a journey few look forward to making.

All: Hail Frau Holle, Hail Nehalennia!

2 Hail Hel, mistress of Helheim!
Loki’s daughter, hostess of the dead,
Please grant them sanctuary,
That they might be reunited with their ancestors.
Amongst their loving kin,
That they might rest now,
Free of life’s trials and tribulations.
With food, and drink, and company,
That one day we too shall join them,
To share stories by the hearth fire.

All: Hail Hel!

Sumble / offerings

Frith weaving

3 We call to Freyr and Freyja, shining twins,
bestowers of peace and plenty. The World cries
out for your example. Show us the ways of peace!

All: Hail Freyr and Freya!

4 We are weaving a mighty web!
We work our way through weft and warp:
to design a pattern of peace!
We tell our tales of times to come!

5 Human rights, democracy and the rule of law.
1 The right for each individual to decide for themself.
2 All ways of life that honour and value
planet and people over profit.
3 An unconditional basic income
for all people on this earth.
4 Free and safe drinking water
as a right for all living beings.
5 Clean soil, air and water
and growing back rainforests.
1 Free natural and traditional cures.
2 Flowery meadows, verdant forests,
flourishing wetlands, fresh and fertile waters.

3 If we want all lives to matter
we have to hold up the mirror to ourselves
and put a mirror in front of each other.

4 If we want all lives to matter
we have to speak up
and do something about lives
that still matter less than other lives:

5 #blacklivesmatter
1 #indigenouslivesmatter
2 #womanlivesmatter
3 #LGBTQI+livesmatter
4 #disabledlivesmatter
5 #poorpeoplelivesmatter

1 Give all writers, artists, scientist, peace-weavers, activists, journalists,
philosophers and all others who speak truths, share resources,
do research, choose transparency, increase understanding and
are inclusive a podium in many ways!

2 Make the knowledge and information we need
now to take care for Mother Earth and world wide
peace accessible to all.

3 Kenaz help us to separate fiction from facts.
4 Kenaz make truth emerge in a sea of fake news.
5 Kenaz guide us to words of wisdom and truths.

All: Heil Kenaz!

1 Mannaz help us to have open and decent dialogues.
2 Mannaz show us how to be empathetic,
with ourselves and others.
3 Mannaz teach us compassion,
consciousness, and connectedness.

All: Hail Mannaz

4 Ansuz help us how to hear others: people and planet.
5 Ansuz teach us to be open to new ideas and information.
1 Ansuz give us words and courage to speak our minds.

All: Hail Ansuz!

2 Thurisaz teach us how to put
even more pressure on people with power.
3 Thurisaz help us to reclaim
the contract between governments en citizens.
4 Thurisaz guide us to take a step back for the earth to thrive.

All: Hail Thurisaz

5 Berkano guide us in letting our old ways of living that are harmful die peacefully.
1 Berkano help us to prepare for the birth of a new ways of life with care and comfort for the earth.
2 Berkano teach us to nourish and nurture kindness and compassion for each other and all other living beings.

All: Hail Berkano

Payer for laboratory animals

3 Hail Audhumbla
4 Hail Gullinbursti
5 Hail Vedrfölnir
1 Hail Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr
2 Hail Bygul and Trigul

3 Hail spirit of rats and mice
4 Hail spirit of hamsters and ferrets
5 Hail spirit of cats and dogs
1 Hail spirit of monkeys and rabbits

2 Hail spirits of all animals suffering and dying in
laboratory’s all over the world for the health
and beauty of humankind.
3 Spirits and frith keepers ward their souls.
Carry their burdens,
take all pain and suffering from them.
4 Help them to die swift and guide them to safe
shores were the may rest in peace and heal.
5 Make more and more humans aware
of this unnecessary cruelty!
1 Make more and more researchers aware
of this needless inhumanity!
2 Make conscience speak so people no longer
can come to terms with themselves
for the unnecessary use of laboratory animals.
3 Make sure people can no longer close their eyes
to the look of pain and despair from animals
kept in factory farming and the battery system, in
zoo’, or in any way captive by human beings.
4 Make us choose methods and testing for cures
and vaccines without animals!

5 We call upon Tyr, One-handed God, Friend of the
wolf, Lord of balance and order!
1 We call upon Forseti, Fair one, Lord of law and

All: Hail Tyr! Hail Forseti!

2 Bring justice for laboratory animals!

3 Legal rights for rivers!
4 Legal rights for animals!
5 Legal rights for nature!
1 Legal rights for our seas!
2 Legal rights for the planet!

3 Hail to climate justice!
4 Hail to social justice!
5 Hail to intergenerational justice!

Close the ritual with the following words:

1 Together we create a culture
which is healthy, resilient and adaptable.
May our work open many hearts and minds,
and may it build bridges between peoples.

2 Together we enable everyone’s voice.
together we make compassion,
kindness, creativity, generosity,
playfulness and solidarity flourish forever.

3 We hail grandchildren!
We hail grandchildren’s grandchildren!
Hail to the next nine generations!

4 May all live in frith and fairness.
May all live in peace and plenty.
May all live in love and laughter.
May all live in good health.

5 May our thoughts and deeds
be a loving contribution
for all living beings.

1 May our thoughts and deeds
be a loving contribution
to generations yet to come.

2 Come, those who want to come.
Fare, those who want to fare.
Stay, those who want to stay.

Hail! All: Hail!

With thanks to Dan Coultas, Sarah Kerr and Nathalie Cue Gomez