Hail Gaia, Ninmah and Hludana
Hail Danu, Papatuanuku and Aditi
Hail Damkina, Pachamama and Terra Mater
Hail Dimŭ, Maty Zemlya, Ala and Kunapipi

Hail to fore-mothers! Hail to fore-fathers!
We hail ancient mothers, hail ancient fathers!
Hail to all ancestors! Hail kith and kin of old!

Hallow and hold the April Rebellion of XR.
Hallow and hold activists and rebels world wide.
Hallow and hold all who rise up for climate justice,
social justice and intergenerational justice.

Shield and shelter all rebels out on the streets
non-violent protesting and marching.
Safe and secure all rebels taking disruptive actions.

Support indigenous peoples protecting
and preserving their lands and ways of life.
Hallow and hold all who risk their lives for Mother Earth.

Hail and heal all who were killed for raising their voices.
Hail and heal all who rise up for Mother Earth.
Comfort and care for all activists who are in danger,
are threatened or are imprisoned.

May our heartfelt plea be heard,
visions of a world beyond fossil fuels.
Carry our dreams of hope
in all directions!

May our thoughts and deeds
be a loving contribution
for the earth and all living beings.

May our thoughts and deeds
be a loving contribution
to generations yet to come.


A prayer written for a Sacred Earth Activism Hawarikuy ceremony to support the XR April Rebellion in Londen by Frigga Asraaf.

Mother Earth / Earth goddesses
Gaia – Greek
Terra Mater – Roman
Hludana – Germanic
Danu – Celtic
Maty Zemlya – Ukrainian
Papatuanuku – Maori
Damkina – Sumerian
Pachamama- Inca
Aditi – Hindi
Ninmah – Mesopotamian
Dimŭ – Chinese
Ala – Igbo African
Kunapipi – First Nation Australian