Deep interconnected web of life:
things come and go
yet they could not do so
without each other.

Rivers and rills are our relatives,
Oceans and seas our kith and kin.
Creeks and coral reefs are our clan,
Springs and shallows our siblings.

Rocks and heaths are our relatives,
Forests and fields our kith and kin.
Canyons and cliffs are our clan,
Swamps and savanna’s our siblings.

Rosemary and red clover are relatives,
Birch and beech our kith and kin.
Holy and honeysuckle are our clan,
Bolete and cloud fungus our siblings.

Rhinoceros and rabbits are our relatives,
Koala’s and kangaroos our kith and kin.
Coyotes and camels are our clan,
Snakes and squirrels our siblings.

Ravens and rails are our relatives,
Parrots and pelicans our kith and kin.
Condors and cranes are our clan,
Storks and seagulls our siblings.

Roach and ladybirds are our relatives,
Bees and butterfly’s our kith and kin.
Caterpillar and crickets are our clan,
Spiders and earth worms our siblings.

Whales and whitings are relatives,
Octopus and plankton our kith and kin.
Dolphins and crabs are our clan,
Shells and sharks are our siblings.

Ancestors teach us the language of old,
so we may learn to listen to all our relatives.
Hail to all our kith and kin! Hail to Mother Earth!

A prayer written for the Sacred Earth Activism Interactive Online Post-Rebellion Ceremony to support the XR April Rebellion in London by Frigga Asraaf.