Frithweaving 2023 -2031, part 2

Frithweaving 2023 -2031, part 2

On World Earth Day, we gathered again for the second Frithweaving ritual of 2023 in the Creative Breeding Ground Door in Dordrecht in the Netherlands. The international online ritual followed a week later on April 29. Both were dedicated to the next ninth generations of all our relatives and a thriving earth.

Take a deep breath and let all daily thoughts be…

Envision we are in the Frith Garth between the worlds where the Flame of Frith will burn as long as we fuel the fire together with our own passion. With today’s prayers we will make the Flame of Frith burn even more brightly. We are standing hand in hand with frith weavers and peace keepers from all over the planet and from the other worlds. We are connected in spirit. This time our circle is around the well of the Frith Garth, a well connected to the well of Urd. Envision three elders standing half way between the frith well and our circle. They are looking us in the eye.

Elders speaking

Elder A: What was, what is, what is becoming…
Elder B: What was, what is, what is becoming…
Elder C: What was, what is, what is becoming…

Elder A: As elders we connect the well, the past, the present and times to come.
Elder B: Behind us ancestors of many sentient species.
Elder C: Before us the living and future generations even far beyond our eyes reach.

Elder A: Learn to think long-term in a loving way!
Elder B: Ask yourself: “Am I a good ancestor?”
Elder C: Do you have future generations in mind when making decisions?

Wishes for the next nine generations of all our relatives

“I honour the elders of our heathen communities and give thanks for wise council and life lessons.
I turn from short to long term thinking. Hail to future generations: humans, animals, plants and trees!”

Wish garland for the next nine generations of all our relatives World Earth Day 2023

May following generations value people over profit.
May following generations of my chosen family continue to look after our people.
May following generations design a society system that benefits people.

Commitment to take a step back, consume less, for a thriving earth for future generations of all our relatives.
Commitment to keep the Flame of Frith burning for frithweaving for the earth and justice for all our relatives. Make Ecocide Law!
Commitment to clean and cleans the waters of the world and legal rights for oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, and springs.

For environments to be healthy and flourishing.
For diversity to be welcomed and supported.
For humanity to reconnect to the rest of nature as part of whole ecosystems.

May the waters of the earth become more pure during the next nine generations.
I call upon the rune Laguz.
May the waters of the earth become more pure during the next nine generations.
I call upon the rune Laguz.
May the earth herself be loved just because of herself the next nine generations.
I call upon the rune Mannaz.
And I would like to add a fourth wish which is in the garland I made:
May my heart and eyes be open to what I can do to contribute.
I call upon the rune Kenaz.

For respect to waters, to forests, to air and to plants and animals.

That the wisdom of all faith communities, going back thousands of years, will be respected and learnt from.
That people will grow to see their interrelationship with all life.
That people will grow to respect and learn from the wisdom of all sentient beings: dogs, cats, octopuses, dolphins, elephants.

​I wanna see the end of deforestation, destroying biodiversity and the beauty of the earth, as in Amazonia, but also the misexploitation of forests, just like in our local ones.
I want the end of agro-industry, poisoning the earth, mistreating the ground and the animals, to serve capitalism pretensions.
​I want to see the realm of Njördr full of life, with plenty of fishes, whales, and all the wonderful beings living in seas and oceans preserved from human greed.

Wish garland made for the online Frithweaving ritual of April 29

Soul song for siblings to come
Lyrics and music: Frigga Asraaf

Singing a soul song of silence
silence for the voices
of our siblings to come.
Singing a soul song of silence
hear them with my heart.


Elder A: Hail to climate justice!
All: Hail to climate justice!
Elder B: Hail to social justice!
All: Hail to sociale justice!
Elder C: Hail to intergenerational justice!
All: Hail to intergenerational justice!

A warmhearthed thanks to all frith keepers who joined both rituals!

The next Frithewaving for the Earth ritual will be in person in Dordrecht the Netherlands on July 2 and online on April 8.

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