Crossroads is the name of an exhibition in Door in Dordrecht from March 23 to July 23, 2024.

The first exhibition ever I’m part of and it is an honour to see my work in the company of art from 29 other artists. A poem I wrote became the inspiration for the three painings I made for Crossroads.

An expression of black and white thinking, bias about people who are seen as different.
And yet a gebo rune shows connection.
The colourful gebo runes express crossroads of connection.
With this painting I express the abundance of diverity.


Do you see me as a human being?
Even though I am different,
strange or disabled.

Inclusivity and diversity:
countless shades of gray
between black and white,
interwoven with all
colours of the rainbow.
Mixing colour’s
creates other colour’s,
flowing into each other
like endless possibilities.

Life is give and take.
We do not have to give up anything
to grant other people space.
Sometimes I step aside
to let someone else go first,
at times it is the other way around.
Then we move in a bit together
to make room for some people.

Language can cut of and exclude
or do we choose to connect?
You take into account
how I would like to be addressed.
How I address you is your choice.

Inclusivity and diversity:
People with disabilities
People with a chronic illness
People with mental health problems
Neurodiverse people
Elder people
People living in poverty
Black people
People of colour
Lgbtqia+ people