FRITHWEAVING 2023 – 2031, PART 4

FRITHWEAVING 2023 – 2031, PART 4

The experience of a ritual can hardly be put into words. The feeling of togetherness with people and kinship with so many relatives in Midgard, like plants and trees, animals, rivers, mountains and so on. To feel the presence of many frith keepers and peace weavers from the other worlds. All is special each time again. To be of serve to the earth and all living beings makes one humble and become more aware of :

Netz des Lebens,
alles ist miteinander verbunden:
Entstehen und vergehen
nichts geschieht ohneeinander.

Deep interconnected web of life:
things come and go
yet they could not do so
without each other.

In Germany, at the Ostara gathering 2024 of Eldering, we performed another wonderfull ‘Frithweaving for the Earth’ ritual. All brought a handful of soil from the place they live. It was all mixed in a bowl together with some soil from the place we stayed. With prayers and songs we honoured the spirits of the land, the gods, the ancestors and generations yet to come and offcours the earth:

Wir heißen willkommen alle Wichte,
Wesen, Geister und Guthans,
die bereit sind den Frieden zu ehren!
Landwichte, Wasserwichte!
Elfen, Zwerge und Riesen!

We welcome all wights,
beings, spirits and gods
inclined to honour frith!
Land-wights, water-wights!
Elves, dwarves and giant!

Großzügige Erde, gebende Erde,
Fruchttragende Erde, fruchtbare Erde
Heilende Erde, helfende Erde,
Stärkende Erde, erquickende Erde.

Gebende Erde, trauernde Erde,
Atmendes Land, geschlagenes Land,
Blühende Erde, blutende Erde,
Schönes Land, sterbendes Land.

Geliebte Erde, Land, das ich liebe!
Heil der Erde, Heil dem Land!

Generous earth, giving earth,
fruitful earth, fertile earth,
serving earth, supporting earth,
restoring earth, refreshing earth.

Giving earth, grieving earth,
Breathing land, beaten land,
Blossoming earth, bleeding earth,
Dazzling land, dying land.

Beloved earth, land that I love!
Hail to the earth, hail to the land!

Many frith keepers and peace weavers from the other worlds were present and blessed both the cords and soil. In spirit we connected with al life on earth through prayer. Some soil was taken back home and some was offered at Burg Ludwigstein together with a frith cord and a frithweaving cord. May frith and fertility blossom!