Sacred Earth Activism

Sacred Earth Activism

Recently, I join Sacred Earth Activism and parts of me come even more together being an earth activist and a frith (peace) weaver. As SEA puts it on their website: “works with the intent of bringing the sacred and earth-centered spiritual actively into the web of change through supporting, co-ordinating and initiating movements, protests, resistance initiatives, projects and change-makers.”

SEA supports the April Rebellion of XR in London on the ground and online. As the Action Holding Circle we offer three online ceremonies to be connected with and support the world-wide actions from home. The first was with the new moon of April 1. The actual April Rebellion is April 9th – 17th. Just after the SEA opening ceremony ‘Welcoming the Waters’ in London the Action Holding Circle invites people for an online offering ceremony. The third and last in this row is an online closing ceremonie on the day of the full moon April 16.

The common thread in many activities of SEA this year is ‘Visions of a World beyond Fossil Fuels’. We share our thoughs and dreams for a thriving planet as a story of hope we create together.

For the hartwarming new moon ceremony on April 1 I wrote:

Prayer for the Waters of the World

Spirits of river and rill
Spirits of stream and sea
Spirits of waterfall and well
Spirits of pond and pool
Spirits of fjord and fen
Spirits of canal and creek
Spirits of brook and bay
Spirits of lake and lagoon

May we hear the hallowed gulf.
May we read the roaming rivers.
May we sense the salt waters.
May we listen to the lively lakes.

Rivers and rills are our relatives,
Oceans and seas our kith and kin.
Creeks and canals are our clan,
Springs and shallows our siblings.

May we use water wisely and well.
May our heartfelt plea be heard,
visions of a world beyond fossil fuels.

Hail to all waters of the world!
Contain our visions
and carry our dreams of hope
in all directions!

Hail to the earth and all living beings!

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