Frithweaving 2023 – 2031, part 1

Frithweaving 2023 – 2031, part 1

The last three years I have performed many rituals online and every time again it is special, like the two weekly international online Flame for Frith rituals and the monthly rituals of Het Rad. Online offers so many possibilities, like gathering with people you otherwise rarely or never meet.

Yesterday evening, January 6, the first ritual for Frithweaving 2023 – 2031 was performed. We were guests at creative breadingground Door in Dordrecht. A lovely place for gatherings. It was also the first time since the pandemic that we gathered with a group of people for a public ritual.

  • We recognise as people, mainly white people, our negative impact on the earth and all life on earth through our ways of life.
  • We recognise the horror of the colonial past and institutionalised racism and its damaging impact on Black people and People of Colour in the present.
  • We recognise that to this day we still violate the rights of indigenous peoples around the world.
  • We recognise that we act like consumers and consume too many resources on a finite earth.
  • We recognise how the animals that serve us as food are mistreated and suffer at our hands.
  • We recognise that we have lost our connection with the earth, people, and other living beings.
  • We recognise that we willingly use toxic systems, including capitalism and an internet largely based on unthinking algorithms.
  • We acknowledge we are the worst imaginable ancestors.

We acknowledge that we can change and make choices which positively impact the earth and each other.

The memories of last night’s ritual join my memories of many wonderful rituals. I will remember people and moments that are I dear to me. I’m not going to give a description, because I can’t put it into words. What I do want to say about it is: it was frithweaving, community connection, with each other and with the earth.

It is time to turn the tables
and to play our part
to protect and preserve
the mother of us all:
the planet earth!
To see how to serve the earth,
community connection.
Connection with the community earth.
We acknowledge kinship
with all our relatives.

Tonight the first online Frithweaving 2023 – 2031 will be performed. May we keep peace, connection, safety, balance and solidarity alive!

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